AnimAX for Microsoft Dynamics

Animal husbandry management system designed for the modern livestock and Farming business.

Keep detailed animal records. Elite has the lead to offer their client all what they need to facilitate their work & also to cover the sides of such kind of business. So, our team have worked to add “livestock management” including Full Animal Profile and identification, Feeding Details and Element Components Actions to Multiple Animals, Animal Medical profile.

AnimAX had been built on Microsoft Dynamics Technologies to leverage your Organization business

Animal Profile

provides characteristics such as breed, gender, sire, dam, birth date, birth weight, birth ease and more.


Seamless financial and accounting integration.

Event Tracking

Track all animal changing log and life events

Medical & Health

Enter important vaccination, treatment and health records for each animal.


Monitor and control animals measures on daily, weekly or monthly base.

Herd Performance

track and follow up herd growth performance, health, cost and profit

Livestock contracts

Manage all hosting and non-owned animals contracts and billing processes.